Le Dr. Gabriel J. Kaufman is a surgeon, with dual board certifications in both surgical oncology of the breast and plastic reconstructive surgery.

He specializes in the treatment of breast cancers and all aspects of reconstructive, cosmetic and restorative breast surgery as well as facial and body asthetic surgery.

He graduated programs in general surgery and fellowship breast surgical oncology at NYU and then completed plastic surgery training with a focus on breast reconstruction and cosmetic surgery.

After completing his surgical training in the United States, Dr. Kaufman moved to France to pursue advanced surgical training in the field of oncoplastic surgery. He trained with the surgeons at L’Institut du Sein in Paris for a 1-year certificate in oncoplastic breast surgery combining both plastic surgical techniques and principals of surgical oncology to maintain the natural shape and contours of the breast for the surgical treatment of breast cancer.

Today, Dr. Kaufman is a leading authority in the field of oncoplastics with both recent journal and book publications accredited to his name. The successful surgical treatment of breast cancer is the first step towards excellent outcomes and Dr. Kaufman is complemented by a team of medical oncology and radiation oncology specialist dedicated to the treatment of breast cancer.

In regards to reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery Dr. Kaufman specializes in both primary surgical approaches but also complex secondary and revisional cases. He often deals with delayed and failed reconstructive efforts of the breast and has a particular interest in breast restorative surgery with his unique mastopexy rearrangement technique that restores the natural shape and youthful look of the breast after weight loss and deflation of the breast or the effects of motherhood and time.

Dr. Kaufman also performs facial cosmetic surgery and body contouring to restore and optimize his patient’s body mechanics for a more natural youthful appearance.

His personal philosophy regarding the surgical treatment of patients is a compassionate approach that incorporates understanding the special needs of his patients and their families to offer the highest level of comfort and privacy in a private office setting with a relaxed and friendly manner.


Dr. Gabriel J. Kaufman