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Restorative Breast & Facial Surgery

A primary focus of Dr. Kaufman is Restorative surgery of the face and breast. A major contribution to the field of breast surgery is his unique approach for obtaining a more youthful and pleasing breast shape through his restorative mastopexy technique.

“implementing the restorative mastopexy approach for my patients I can reverse the decent of the breast and tighten the skin envelope to achieve optimal outcomes.”

The restorative philosophy and approach adopted by Dr. Kaufman is based on respect for the natural shape and contours of the body when planning and implementing body and facial cosmetic treatments.

In addition to the restorative mastopexy, Dr. Kaufman also performs primary breast augmentations as well as revisional breast augmentation and mastopexy.

“my approach to primary breast augmentation allows for increased breast volume and improvement of the overall shape and contour while respecting the natural shape of the breast”

Cosmetic and Restorative facial surgery is another field in plastic surgery that Dr. Kaufman has a keen interest in. His plastic surgery training has enabled him to perform restorative facial surgery obtaining natural refined outcomes and avoiding a “done” look.

“brighting the eyes and face with upper lid skin excision techniques can achieve dramatic results with little down time for my patients.”

His evaluation and surgical planning is tailored for each of his patients making sure the goals clearly identified and achieved.

“incorporating both surgical and non-surgical treatments for facial restoration is the great balancing act of facial restorative surgery but once mastered can be a powerful experience for patients”