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Breast Preservation Surgery

After spending a year training in Paris at the Institute du Sein located in the 16th Arrondesmont overlooking the Effile Tour, Dr Kaufman learned to appreciate the complex surgical decision making when treating patients with the diagnosis of breast cancer.

“Working with a maven and world renowned surgeon like Dr. Clough was the most influential experiences of my surgical career…we spent time modifying and describing a unique approach to breast cancer called oncoplastic surgery.”

Dr. Kaufman combines plastic surgery techniques with surgical oncology practices (oncoplastic surgery) for breast preservation to not only maintain the natural shape of the breast but also successfully remove the area of concern without causing deformity.

“Many of my patients have been told they need mastectomy prior to seeing me and they are often surprised to find that I can perform breast conservation and achieve excellent results with both body image and breast shape remaining intact.”

Using the decision making tools from reconstructive surgery Dr. Kaufman is able to devise a treatment plan that preserves the breast and prevents deformity. Advanced surgical planning may include restorative mammoplasty techniques or tissue advancements to achieve these goals.

“I like spend a majority of my time during the initial consultation not only getting to know my patients and their families but also planning the surgery with markings and photography so I can review and refine each case prior to the surgical day.”

His diligence and constant effort to provide the best possible surgical solution for his patients is what defines Dr. Kaufman as a surgical oncologist of the breast.

“I have been granted a unique set of skills and I look forward to serving the community of breast cancer patients in the Capital Region to the best of my ability.”