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Breast Reconstructive Surgery

The unique dual training of Dr. Kaufman in the field of reconstructive surgery and breast surgical oncology allows for the simultaneous planning of the surgical treatment of breast cancer followed by an immediate restorative process to ensure the wholeness and sense of well being as well as improved body image for his patients.

“in regards to breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery, my unique perspective allows for choice from a combinations of treatment options that best suits the functional and reconstructive goals of my patients. ”

“I have also had great success with preservation of the nipple and immediate implant reconstruction in patients undergoing preventative surgery.”

As a plastic reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kaufman can appreciate not only the advances but also the limitations of the field of breast reconstruction. The dual training perspective helps to ensure that each patient is optimized for their cancer care with a realistic reconstructive plan that can be adjusted through the treatment cycle.

“I am able to anticipate the needs of my patients throughout their treatment cycles and can often make the necessary adjustments to the reconstructive effort.”

Dr. Kaufman is a leading expert in breast reconstruction for women with both larger breast volumes and for those patients that desire preservation of the nipple. With his understanding and approach to breast surgery he can convert patients into candidates for nipple preservation that would not be considered otherwise.

“a particular area of surgical research I have enjoyed pursuing is the adaptation of restorative mammoplasty techniques used in cosmetic surgery for the reconstruction of patients undergoing breast cancer treatment.”

Breast reconstruction is not a static process and Dr. Kaufman has the necessary background and willingness to approach the most challenging and difficult cases of prior reconstructions that have resulted in suboptimal results or failures.

“my in-depth understanding of the dynamics of breast reconstruction affords me the ability and desire to help patients with the often distressing scenario of delayed or failed breast reconstruction.”

Dr. Kaufman endeavors with all his patients in their unique reconstructive process.

“it is a journey that I happily take with all my patients, there is no more rewarding experience as a reconstructive surgeon.”